The Mendful Life


“I recently attended a three-day workshop led by Rabbi Sigal and it marked a profound transition in my life. Rabbi Sigal created an experience for me that years of therapy and spiritual dabbling failed to deliver. Now that some time has passed since the workshop, I see that she left me with an ember and an instruction manual for how to keep the flame alive. For that I will be forever grateful.” Bob, Engineer, DC

“Dear Sigal,  You’ve helped usher in so much transformation and positivity into my life/perspective in the short amount of time we worked together. Reflecting on my path I see so clearly how much insight I gained in your mentorship. It is truly awesome and I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am that our paths crossed during those critical months in my life.  I use the meditations you recorded for me often, it helps me work through and bring up difficult questions that I needed to ask myself.  It is truly the gift that keeps on giving, and I thank you for that.”  Lisa B. Fashion Designer, NYC

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Mendful Life Mentoring

Mending time is what many of us need most, but without guidance and accountability we postpone making the time and neglect our deep soul needs and desires.

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Rabbi Sigal is available remotely and in person:  individuals and groups;  private retreats, meditation group, group retreat, remote sessions.

Rabbi Sigal will inspire, mentor, gently guide and empower you to live your heart’s purpose with more ease and contentment.

  • You will learn the art of discerning your heart’s desire and master skills to manifesting a life guided by your deepest desires with ease and joy.
  • You will learn new methods and be supported along the way to restore and energize body, heart and mind, into a happier and more fulfilling life.
  • You will be guided gently on a path to discover your authentic voice and help you acquire tools to remain on task to fulfill your best life!

“When intentions grow out of our heart’s desire they turn into clear commitments and lead us to a life of purpose and contentment. Live your heart’s purpose more fully each day.”     Rabbi Sigal

Sigal’s integrative meditative approach rooted in the recognition that we are whole as we are, we are not broken and we do not need fixing. Instead, we need loving, kindness, and care to ease into being and trusting. She reminds her students: they themselves are the beloved they long for.

She teaches how to engage in daily  practices, how to navigate skillfully through life and enhance life to include more fun and contentment and less discontent.