About Rabbi Sigal

Religion is art. Many approach spirituality and religion with rigidity which lacks creativity, joy and fulfillment. We use practices and concepts that constrict us instead of free us; they become obstacle to experiencing the mystery, and obstacles to expressing our joyful nature and the dance of our soul.     Rabbi Sigal


Rabbi Sigal is a scholar, spiritual mentor, inspirational teacher, congregational rabbi, and artist, with training in religion, psychology, art, yoga, and meditation. Israeli born and raised, she shares diverse methods and teachings to inspire people to live their heart’s purpose authentically and joyfully. She teaches in many settings; facilitating experiences of transformation for individuals and groups. She has presented at TED, and was featured on CBS Sunday Morning news and NPR: National Public Radio.

Rabbi Sigal is an innovator with new inspirations and methods to advance more meaningful and joyful living to all people. The founding director of Rabbis Without Boarders and creator of Mendful Path Method. She brings a fresh and energetic take to her teachings, retreats and when she officiates at weddings and life cycle ceremonies. She has been a congregational rabbi for over a decade where she inspires families, children, and individuals to enrich and enjoy their spiritual lives. She is insightful, humorous, and skilled in ritual and group facilitation. She brings a deep understanding of people and delights in serving their needs.

 Rabbi Sigal is an ordained Rabbi with an M.A. in Jewish studies from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, and an M.A. in Organizational Psychology from West Chester University. Rabbi Sigal dedicates her life to sharing methods and inspiring people to live their heart’s purpose; living authentically and joyfully. A meditator for over 30 years, she is trained in many yoga, Meditation, holistic, and psycho-spiritual modalities. She is a popular speaker who teaches in diverse academic, spiritual and premier retreat centers including the Open Center in NYC and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in MA.

She is a Mentor & Spiritual Guide to executives, artists, teams, couples, & families.

MENDFUL– live connected, and Sankalpa – Live your heart’s purpose are her brain children. She has written for a variety of publications including the Journal of Counseling and Development, and the Journal of Loss and Trauma on such issues as creating community in the workplace and difficulties in students’ adjustment in the transition into college. Also an accomplished artist; she creates concepts in clay and other mediums, and she is a musician who recorded a number of inspiring Hebrew-English CDs.

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Mentoring & Spiritual Guidance

You are a mystery                Dwell in wonder

Sigal’s integrative meditative approach is rooted in the recognition that we are whole as we are and there is nothing wrong with us. We are not broken and we do not need fixing. Instead, we need loving, kindness, and care to ease into being and trusting.

She teaches practices to help us live well while remembering the expanded consciousness we are, and how to navigate skillfully through life’s challenges with more ease and less discontent.

“The inner experience of harmony and freedom informs and transforms life. We discover separation is an illusion and we enter the flow of life more fully. When we adjust our lifestyle to be guided by our heart’s desire and purpose, from the inside out, we know deep peace.”   Rabbi Sigal

Rabbi Sigal will inspire, mentor, and empower you to fully live your heart’s desire & purpose.

  • You will learn the art of discerning your heart’s desire and master skills to manifesting a life guided by your deepest desires with ease and joy.
  • You will discoveryour authentic voice and acquire tools to remain on task to fulfill your best life!

“When intentions grow out of your heart’s desire they turn into clear commitments and lead to a life of peace and contentment. Come as you are and sit at the wellspring of your own heart. Meditate and slowly drink from the nourishing well of your quiet center.”                        Rabbi Sigal

Empower, focus & enjoy more ease and flow in your life with personal spiritual guidance and mentoring. 

“Rabbi Sigal’s fresh and creative approach breathed a renewed life into my personal dream of how I’ve always wished a spiritual practice could be.”  Kurt H.

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Rabbi in residence, private retreats, weekend visits, performances, workshops, and conferences. 

Include: lectures, facilitated experiences services leading, chanting, text study, yoga and meditation. Example topics: Demystifying Kabbalah & Mysticism, Mindful Mysticism, Kabbalah for Inner Peace, Meditation for soul centered living, Integrative Jewish Spirituality, Jewish Meditation: Not Just Sitting Quietly, and Mendful Path: Mending Heart and Soul. empower & live your heart’s purpose.