Mendful and Authentic in 2024

Will 2024 be the year you act more authentically on your values?

2023 has been a difficult year with the war in Israel. Personally, 2023 was a year of many changes and transitions for me. Post pandemic we are definitely free to roam about more freely but, we are forever changed by the years of the pandemic in many ways.

Many of us experienced significant changes and disruptions to your life in the past years; work, relationships, home, family, travel, and routines. While some changes are stressful and disorienting, other may be welcomed and comforting. We all, with more or lesser success, have tried to navigate with grace and balance. 

In the many interactions I had during the past years I learned two things were important. Staying connected with others and staying connected to our inner selves. Too many of us the daily spiritual and body-mind practices were more important than ever. It continued strengthening our resolve, sense of hope, well- being, and resilience. In the virtual Mendful mentoring sessions and gatherings it was apparent how connecting with one another helped bring out our authentic selves and smiles more fully. The engaging group and one on one conversations encouraged us to be more daring and open to try new things.  

I learned from Professor Wendy Wood that people are reluctant to make new decisions during hard times. People think that making new decisions when there is a disruption to life, is not a good idea. But, in fact, she says, that disruptions to life are opportunities to act more authentically on our values. People try new things when life is disrupted because the old ways are no longer possible. They experiment with ideas that may have been dormant for a while, and the disruption is an opportunity to act on them.

How can you act more authentically on your values in 2024?

I invite you to make time to reflect back on the year 2023. What were some of your most memorable experiences and insights? What do you wish you acted on to bring you closer to a fuller expression of you? Now, what do you want to cultivate and grow in the year 2024? How will you use the time left in lockdown this winter, whether home alone or with family, to bring out more of you? Perhaps to do something new, or something you always wanted to learn or attend to but never did.

Set your heartfelt intentions and follow them with meaningful action. Invite others into the conversation, discuss and share your intentions with family and friends to support each other and share in your success, as you engage in your chosen activities to live out your intentions.

It’s hard to make changes at any time. It requires courage, resolve and commitment to act. When we attend and nurture our body and minds with mendful conversations and spiritual practices, we grow our capacity and encourage or hearts to live our values more fully, and we act more authentically. The practices give us strength and focus to creatively find paths to overcome challenges. We experience more contentment, peace and joy when we act authentically.I hope this year we feel resolved and better equipped to handle the ups and down of life. May we support each other and have the courage to really live our authentic values more fully.

I am here to help if you would like to connect about Mendful mentoring sessions.

Happy 2024!