Mendful Living from Your Soul:

Finding Ease and Contentment

Retreat at Kripalu with Rabbi Sigal

Winter Break, December 26-30, 2022
More details are coming and registration will open soon!

Meditate – Learn – Move – Share

Learn to trust your spontaneous-wise-nature and welcome more ease and peace with guided meditation, a little movement and deep transformative conversations. Let the seeds and buds of your heart’s desire open fully into 2023.

Mending Resilience

 Learn to skillfully navigate stress, cope with adversity, bounce back, and thrive!


As human beings, disappointment, loss, and heartbreak are inevitable, but they don’t have to be insurmountable: these disconnects can be mended from the inside out. Come learn how to access the wellspring within, so you can skillfully navigate stress, cope with adversity, bounce back, and thrive.

In this healing experience, you will build a foundation of trust and safety in the body-mind, releasing doubt and fear to make room for new possibilities. Through guided meditation and transformative conversations you will learn skills to feeling more connected, empowered, and peaceful, with a path to living with greater self-love, compassion, and care.

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Email us if you are interested to join a small group or desire a personal mentoring session with Rabbi Sigal. 

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 “Following Rabbi Sigal’s Mendful program I have experienced a shift, a softening, a turn towards wonder. So much of this heart opening was a result of ‘marinating’ in the loving community Sigal held for us.” —Hollie

“Sigal’s blend of wisdom and compassion combine for an incredibly rich experience. She has the unique ability to make every participant in the class feel seen and heard, while she also holds space for the class as a whole. Each time I’ve studied with Sigal I have come away with new insights along with practical application that have helped me immensely in my personal life and in my relationships with others.” –Jeff

If you are in the Doylestown PA area you are welcome at Rabbi’s community, Temple Judea of Bucks County.

Mendful Life Mentoring & Spiritual Guidance with Rabbi Sigal. Gift others or schedule a session for yourself.

“The inner experience of harmony and freedom informs and transforms life. When we realize our feeling of separation from  others and things  is an illusion, we surrender our walls which hold us protected and shield, we are free to participate in life more fully. Guided by our heart’s desire and purpose we recalibrate our lifestyle, actions, and work. We set optimal conditions to live connected to our heart and the world more fully. We learn to live connected and in service of everything and everyone.”   Rabbi Sigal


Rabbi Sigal shares insights and practices that help living remembering we are interconnected as drop in the magnificent wide sea. She inspires her students to navigate skillfully and heart-fully through life, to enjoy life with more ease and less discontent.

“I learned life changing tools in Rabbi Sigal’s meditation class. I have been involved in meditation for a while. I recently joined Rabbi Sigal’s group and I am really thrilled with her unique approach. Her methods and personal touch make it a total body experience. You begin to notice the peace and balance throughout your body. She takes you through a guided session that brings you totally into the moment in a relaxed and positive way.”    Susan G. Meditation Group Participant

All retreats are open to people of all spiritual, religious, and non religious orientations.

All levels are welcome. No experience or knowledge are necessary.

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267- 627- 4425  hearawake at gmail

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